The Chief Principal

The Chief Principal

Mr. Paul Agali Otula HSC, OGW.

The Chief Principal, Sunshine Secondary School

Sunshine School has a very strong tradition – own tag, color and flavor. Sunshine products are unique in many virtuous ways. They tend to go an extra mile in everything they do. The school stands out from the crowd and has positively influenced many schools in the country, with teachers who are dedicated, proud and enthusiastic; virtues that are rarely seen in many schools.


We are committed to offering quality education in an enabling and sustainable environment that will nurture holistic development of the student in partnership with stakeholders.

Sunshine Secondary School was founded on 14th February, 1995 by the second President of Kenya, His Excellency Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi who is also the Patron of the school. It was his desire that he establishes a Christian Boys boarding school in Nairobi, which would be a Centre of excellence.





      Leadership & Management98%
      Excellence and Innovative97%
      Top Basketball Coach100%